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Dubai Performing Arts is such an exciting school headed by two experts in this field. Both Lisa and Johnny’s experience in show-business will enable all their students to develop not only their skills, but also explore their confidence in their day-to-day lives. At ArtsEd, Johnny was a very popular teacher and his jazz classes were of an excellent standard preparing the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre students for their professional careers.

Chris Hocking
Principal, The Arts Educational Schools

Elizabeth came to DPA while having a really tough time at school. She had been diagnosed with dyslexia and had lost a lot of confidence, both in her dancing and in general. This is when I met Lisa. She saw Elizabeth dance and encouraged her to take formal training. Since then Elizabeth’s confidence has gone from strength to strength, not only in dance routines but in a newfound passion for acting and performing.

Elizabeth attends DPA 5 days a week and her school work has improved dramatically. Her personal discipline has allowed her to take control of her studies. The team at DPA have taken time to understand Elizabeth and her personal needs, and have invested in nurturing her growth and encouraging her to train her talents whilst not giving up on the disciplines she finds more challenging.

I wish to thank Lisa, Johnny & the DPA team for all their love and support.

Sarah Jane Grant

Thank you to DPA for giving our daughter so many great opportunities by creating this wonderful environment of performing art. 3 years ago we moved to Dubai and for us it was important for our daughter to continue doing what she loved the most at a very young age. Elena is a shy girl when confronted with new situations, places or people, but the warmth and professionalism she was greeted with and taken in by the amazing teachers at DPA has developed her dramatically. Watching her grow with confidence and discipline with every class she takes and the happiness on her face when all her hard work comes together on stage is incredible. Please keep up the amazing work as you have definitely made a huge impact on our little girl.

Jana Agnew

Being a part of DPA allows us all to feel valued, respected, loved and talented. DPA is one big family who all support each another.

DPA allows us not only to grow as performers but grow as people too. I take part in all classes DPA offer my age group which include Musical Theatre, RAD Ballet, ISTD Modern, Private Singing Lessons and Acro.

DPA offers me the opportunity to perform in various different events around Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

DPA develops our skills, talents and love for Performing Arts and we can thrive in the friendly and happy environment.

I am proud to be turning a hobby into a passion and a dream for the future.

DPA is a second home to many of us and a school we all love being a part of!

By Sophie DPA Senior Student

Good morning TEAM DPA

I cannot express the awe I felt on seeing your recent DPA Shows at the prestigious Dubai Opera! TRULY, truly emotional and filled with goosebump moments. Exceptional performances and the flow of your shows are unbelievable!!! Worthy of 2 additional shows!!!!! School of Rock too was INCREDIBLE! Well done Team DPA on performances that were World Class!

Kind regards and Immense Gratitude
Philippa Stewart

DPA Show at Dubai Opera Testimonial from Phillippa Stewart

Hi Lisa and Johnny,

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed the show, and it was nice to experience such a professional production involving students! Very inspiring! The Dubai Opera venue of course was beautiful too. The quality of the performances was excellent, and no doubt you are very proud. It was a nice opportunity for me to get together with my colleagues as well, who echo my sentiments above!

Allison Deakin
Assistant Athletics Director and ECA Co-ordinator
GEMS Dubai American Academy

GEMS DAA Testimonial

I just wanted to say how amazing your performances were. We were absolutely blown away by the talent on display. We felt the shows compared favourably in professionalism with any of the shows we’ve seen previously at Dubai Opera!
Thank you for allowing Isobel to be part of it, and encouraging her when initially she felt very unsure. DPA staff have been so positive and warm to her. She absolutely loved the experience of the shows and the camaraderie of being part of a cast.
What DPA has given her in just one term is so precious, and she can’t wait to get stuck into new challenges next year!
Thank you and congratulations.
Best wishes,
Lucy Holland

DPA Parent Testimonial

Hi Lisa and all the DPA Team

I would just like to say 'Congratulations' to you all for putting on 3 amazing shows at Dubai Opera. Myself and Michael were blown away by all the talent and the production. It was so professional and we could see the amount of hard work that was put in. I am so proud of the progress Francesca has made over the last couple of years and that is all down to you, Johnny and all of the teachers.

Thank you all again. I’m looking forward to next years production!


Andrea Dowds – DPA Parent Testimonial

Good Afternoon

I would firstly like to congratulate you all on an absolutely phenomenal performance at the Opera House!

The show has inspired my daughter, age 11 in July, to start her dancing and singing classes with you. She currently is preparing for her grade 5 Trinity piano examination in November and would like to add more performing arts. She partakes in school drama productions but is quite keen to expand on it.

Would someone be able to get back to me on classes, locations and registration details please?

Thank you

Dubai Opera Audience Member

Dear Lisa and Johnny

Congratulations, guys!! That was one magical show! I really don't have words to express my feelings. Thanking you and the whole team for being so supportive and providing Ani with such an amazing opportunity. Can't thank Johnny enough for believing in him and going that extra mile.

The Greatest Show turned out to be so much more better than I could ever imagine. A performance opportunity like this is any artist's dream. As for us parents, that was something like a surreal experience. To watch Ani walk on to that magnificent stage, doing what he loves doing, with ample support of the entire team backing him, the whole scene looked quite out of this world.

It was a phenomenal experience indeed for him to have gotten a chance to work with such a talented team. I've no doubt that these are memories he'd be cherishing for life. So, thank you, once again....

We absolutely loved every bit of it. It was clearly evident how much hard work has gone into putting this together. And the kids really did put their heart and soul into it. Keep it up, guys!!! Please do convey our wishes to Jess and the team.

Warm regards,

DPA Parent Testimonial re Dubai Opera Shows

Dear Lisa and Johnny,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for making our daughter a part of the outstanding two shows you did with the DPA kids. Nidhi was thrilled to be part of it. The shows were spectacular and beyond anything we expected. It is amazing how you managed to get such wonderful performances from such a large group of children. The whole training process was so much more than just musical theatre. It teaches the kids about discipline and practice, working in a team and facing big audiences - there was so much there that helps build their confidence and character. Nidhi made good friends and had a great set of experiences and memories that will stand her in good stead whatever she does later in life! Only one problem though, she just can’t seem to stop watching Steps videos 🙂
Huge thanks also to each of the teachers and the support team. And special thanks to Abbie for alleviating all our concerns and responding to all our requests.
Kavita and Baiju
(Parents of Nidhi Francis)

DPA Parents Kavita and Baiju

Adam Watt Testimonial

Being at DPA has helped me to grow and develop as a performer in all areas. Being a part of such a supportive and loving family has helped me to push myself. Moving to APGS recently was a big change but thanks to DPA I was prepared for anything. DPA has been such a great support even after leaving. Thank you sooo much for everything Johnny and Lisa.

Adam Watt

The Australia Performing Arts Grammar School

DPA Graduate Adam Watt Testimonial